USB DC Solar charger

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Chargeurs solaires pour batteries 3.7/4.2V (Lipoly Lithium Lon Lolymer)

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Je vends des chargeurs solaires pour batteries 3.7/4.2V (Lipoly Lithium Lon Lolymer) jamais utilisés et toujours dans leur sachet

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  • The MCP73871 device is a fully integrated linear solution for system load sharing and Li-Ion / Li-Polymer battery charge management with ac-dc wall adapter and USB port power sources selection.
  • It¡¯s also capable of autonomous power source selection between input or battery. Along with its small physical size, the low number of required external components makes the device ideally suited for portable

-Integrated system load sharing and battery charge management
– Simultaneously power the system and charge the Li-Ion battery
– Voltage proportional current control (VPCC) ensures system load has priority over Li-Ion battery charge current
– Low-loss power-path management with ideal diode operation
-Complete linear charge management controller
– Integrated pass transistors
– Integrated current sense
– Integrated reverse discharge protection
– Selectable input power sources: USB port or AC-DC wall adapter

Preset High Accuracy Charge Voltage Options:
– 4.10V, 4.20V, 4.35V or 4.40V
– ¡À0.5% Regulation Tolerance
Constant Current / Constant Voltage (CC/CV)
Operation with thermal regulation
Maximum 1.8A total input current control
Resistor programmable fast charge current
Control: 50 mA to 1A
Resistor programmable termination set point
Selectable USB input current control
– Absolute Maximum: 100 mA (L) / 500 mA (H)
Automatic recharge
Automatic end-of-charge control
Safety timer with timer enable/disable control
0.1C preconditioning for deeply depleted cells
Battery cell temperature monitor
Undervoltage lockout (UVLO)
Low battery status indicator (LBO)
Power-Good status indicator (PG)
Charge status and fault condition indicators

GPSs / Navigators
PDAs and Smart Phones
Portable Media Players and MP3 Players
Digital Cameras
Bluetooth Headsets
Portable Medical Devices
Charge Cradles / Docking Stations

Package Included:
1 x MCP73871 Battery Module

Informations complémentaires

Dimensions 30 × 30 × 15 mm


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